Mission & Consensus Statement

The Consortium’s goal is to successfully advocate for evidence-based clinical practices that safeguard and advance the health of everyone by organizing and amplifying the voices of physicians in collaboration with public health experts and other healthcare professionals.


To become the international medical professional society of excellence for advocacy of major evidence-based practice for the provision of high-quality medical services and surgical care.


To promote and instill scientific skills for building research capacity on critical appraisal avenues among medical professionals and researcher enthusiasts for the development of a high-strength body of evidence and production of high-quality evidence-based treatment guidelines in order to ensure the sustainability of safe medical care practice.


Advocating evidence-based practice for attaining high-quality service of medical care.


The   five A’s domains of evidence-based practice constitute our key values (Ask, Acquire, Appraise, Apply, and Assess)

Main Goals

  1. To enhance a didactic research mentorship for building a strong international scientific medical society
  2. To equip all members with adequate knowledge and skills for research and comprehensive critical appraisal to enable them to practice the high-quality evidence-basis for decision-making and appropriate medical care interventions.
  3. To generate and produce high-quality evidence-based policies and guidelines for the advancement of medical care services.
  4. To promote Continuing Medical Education for building a strong academic and professional society of physicians and scientists in different specialties.